Revolutionise your hiring with smarter interviewing

Leave behind the traditional, time-consuming approach to screening resumes. Our cutting-edge, AI-powered Resume Insights not only identifies the best matches for your job openings but also crafts personalised interview questions, ensuring you ask the right questions every time.

Transforming your hiring process

Our tool goes beyond simply highlighting candidate strengths, weaknesses, and potential red flags. It intelligently generates custom interview questions tailored to each candidate, combining insights from their resume with your job description. This means you're always prepared with insightful, role-specific, and person-centred questions.

The AI-generated score assesses candidate-job alignment, forming the basis for custom interview questions. This ensures a targeted and efficient interview process.

Don't let top talent slip through the cracks.

Embrace our Smart Interviewer to enrich your hiring process. Time is valuable, and with our tool, you'll spend it engaging with the right candidates. Make informed decisions and build a stronger team efficiently and effectively.

Smart Interviewer

Tailored Interview Questions for Informed Hiring

After identifying the top candidates, the Smart Interviewer feature generates a set of custom interview questions for each individual. These questions are crafted based on the unique combination of the roles requirements and the candidate is specific skills and experiences, ensuring each interview is as effective and insightful as possible.

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1. Upload the resume and job description2. Click on the Compare thie CV to the Job ad button3. Type "/questions"

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Frequently asked questions

Frequently asked questions

    • What is Resume Insights?

      Resume Insights is an AI-powered tool designed to revolutionise hiring by providing smarter interviewing solutions. It screens resumes, identifies the best matches for job openings, and crafts personalised interview questions.

    • How does Resume Insights improve the hiring process?

      The tool generates a score to assess candidate-job alignment and provides custom interview questions. It helps identify candidate strengths and areas for development, enhancing the understanding of their potential role fit.

    • What are the requirements for using Resume Insights?

      Resume Insights is recommended to be used with a ChatGPT Plus Subscription with GPT-4 Code Interpreter or above models for optimal performance.

    • Is Resume Insights compatible with GPT-3.5?

      While it works with GPT-3.5, the tool is not as effective and concise as with GPT-4.

    • Can I use Resume Insights with GPT-4 without the code interpreter?

      It is possible, but not recommended for the best results.

    • How do I start using Resume Insights?

      You can begin by clicking a the link above if you have ChatGPT Plus, uploading the resume and job description, and then following the prompt instructions.

    • Can I Customise the Criteria for Matching?

      At the moment, our matching criteria are preset based on industry best practices. However, we are working on a feature that will allow for customisation.

    • What commands are supported by Resume Insights?

      The tool supports commands like /questions to create a list of interview questions, and /continue to continue output if it was cut.

    • Are there any warnings or disclaimers about using Resume Insights?

      Yes, the quality of outputs may vary depending on updates to GPT-4, and there might be grammatical or sentence structure issues as GPT-4 is not perfect.

    • How can I make donations to support Resume Insights?

      Donations can be made through a "Buy Me A Coffee"

    • Will I incur additional costs when using Resume Insights?

      If you are using the ChatGPT web interface, then API costs will not apply.